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Identifying the core issues

With all the technological advances we've made, each project still begins by sitting down, face-to-face, and listening carefully to our client’s needs. We collect and analyze all of the pertinent information until the chal-
lenge is thoroughly understood. We often redefine the stated problem as we identify underlying issues that need to be addressed.


Building consensus

Our projects are often complex, with multiple stake-holder groups. We are experts at managing outside reviews, building client consensus and facilitating group decision making. We are committed to a
working process that involves open communication and creative and efficient management of budget
and schedule.

Inspired design

The design process is a thoughtful, rigorous search
for the most ingenious, appropriate and effective idea. Research, focus groups, testing and prototyping are some of the tools we use to aid in design and decision making. Our close attention to detail continues through documentation and implementation.

User-based solutions

CG pioneered many innovations that change the way people engage and think about their experiences;
our recommendations are visitor and user-focused. They consider all those who will interact with the organization or environment, including client staff.
For projects in the built environment, our wayfinding specialist studies the entire visitor experience, includ-ing static, electronic and radiant media.