Our award-winning team has the ability to identify 
and connect key issues. Our solutions combine identity, signage, wayfinding, digital and interactive media, print and Web design. The most powerful 
and successful results, for our clients and their audiences, come from the imaginative integration 
of these elements.


We have encouraged sustainable approaches for
30 years. Our recommendations combine new media, innovative printing technologies, advanced coatings and "green" materials with client policies, recycling and precycling. We balance a project's durability with flexibility to minimize waste.


We have developed effective online and offline
tools for managing schedule and process so clients and designers can communicate and collaborate
in real time.

We address our clients’ needs comprehensively: 
we manage teams that include lighting designers, engineers, interpretive planners, writers, researchers, marketing consultants, technology experts and
web developers.



This video montage highlights the 25-year history of CG and the spirited work that brought Jerome Cloud and Virginia Gehshan the 2010 SEGD Fellow Award.
It is one of five segments. Thanks to Craig Johnson of Interpret Green and Terreyl Kirton of Re;fresh who produced it.