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New Gateway marks Historic Atturaif

The entrance to the living museum of Historic Atturaif, the first capital city of
the Saudi royal family, is now marked by the Salwa palace-inspired identity.
With the site's reconstruction scheduled for completion in late 2014, CGA's placebranding program will serve as a continuous visual thread throughout the
58-acre district. In collaboration with Ayers Saint Gross, CGA also developed a
master wayfinding plan to guide and direct visitors toward the Salwa palace, sprawling souks, mosques and museums. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage
Site, the Arriyadh Development Authority has used authentic mud brick constr-
uction methods. Historic Atturaif is a highly anticipated destination for tourists worldwide and is considered Addiriyah's most historically significant settlement.  

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DRWC and CGA unveil design for Spring Garden Connector

The DRWC and CGA/TLP design team recently unveiled environmental enhance-
ments to revitalize Philadelphia's Spring Garden Connector. Inspired by the Spring Garden Greenway theme, CGA developed illuminated portal structures with intricate, American Wisteria-inspired patterns, designed to transform the dark, bleak under-
pass that serves as an entrance to the heavily traveled SEPTA rail network and gateway to Northern Liberties. The cnc-routed panel/structures will be rear-illumin-
ated with a concealed lighting program that changes from morning to afternoon
and into evening. The suspended lighting fixtures, co-designed with TLP will proj-
ect the wisteria pattern onto underpass surfaces and have a monochromatic blue violet color. 

The project, described as “imaginative," "beautiful" and "a huge improvement"
by public meeting attendees, is also a key component of the DRWC's master plan
goal of connecting Center City Philadelphia to its Delaware River waterfront. The
new portals are part of a larger lighting and streetscape improvement plan develop-
ed by the RBA Group and The Lighting Practice. Check out the PlanPhilly feature to learn more about this project and to view video from the community presentation.  

Rendering courtesy of TLP/CGA

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Penn South Bank releases "Pennovation Center" plans

The University of Pennsylvania recently announced its plans for a business
incubator and accelerator, the "Pennovation Center,"at the 23-acre South
Bank site in Gray's Ferry. According to Penn's Executive Director of Real Estate,
Ed Datz, the goal is to give start-up companies a space to thrive, collaborate
and advance their particular discipline.

Working with Wallace, Roberts & Todd, CGA is currently designing a series of environmental enhancements and signage, as part of the Penn South Bank
master plan. Planned to be a comprehensive system, CGA is addressing the
site's identification and wayfinding issues and need for revitalization. The Penn
South Bank project continues to receive extensive press coverage. Check out
these features in the Flying Kite, Curbed Phillythe Philadelphia Inquirer and
the Architect's Newspaper to learn more.

Rendering courtesy of WRT

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PWD signs debut at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Signs from the Philadelphia Water Department's "Green City, Clean Waters,"
program made their debut at the 2014 Philadelphia Flower Show. CGA principal Virginia Gehshan and designer Kate Otte were given a behind-the-scenes tour
of the Flower Show, which included PWD's exhibit, "Art of Stormwater." The
signs, designed by CGA, illustrate the process and benefits of green stormwater infrastructure being implemented across Philadelphia; the exhibit featured a
beautiful full-size rain garden. In its 185th year, the Philadelphia Flower Show, presented annually by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, is the longest-
running and largest indoor flower show in the world.

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Donor recognition up and running at UCM

Installation of the University of Chicago Medicine's donor wall and interactive kiosk has been completed at the Center for Care and Discovery. Following inten-
sive fabrication and software development, the UCM community can now visit
the new donor recognition exhibit, located in the CCD's sky lobby. Designed by
CGA to honor and celebrate benefactors of all levels, the interactive kiosk also enables visitors to access donor stories, mission statement and UCM news.
With a striking display and designation as a "hospital of the future," the CCD, designed by Rafael Viñoly Architects, can continue to build its strong community
of supporters. 

Photo courtesy of The University of Chicago Medical Center

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UCM's highly anticipated donor wall nearing completion

With images and inspiring stories, the donor recognition system at the University
of Chicago Medicine's Center for Care and Discovery will also serve as an engaging exhibit. Designed by CGA, the freestanding donor "wall,” which vividly displays the strong support of the UCM community, is in the final stages of fabrication. The zinc panels, edge-lit glass and gold leaf fill have been carefully crafted. Final programm-
ing and field testing for the interactive kiosk is also now underway. CGA is excited
for the upcoming installation and a new user-friendly experience for the CCD’s many visitors and supporters.

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Reconstruction moves forward at Historic Atturaif

Major progress has been reached in the reconstruction and restoration of Historic Atturaif located in Addiriyah, Saudi Arabia. With final details being executed at the gateway, souk, Salwa Palace, visitor reception center and footbridge, Historic
Atturaif is expected to become a popular, world-class tourist destination. In compliance with UNESCO accreditation, locally sourced materials and authentic construction methods are being used throughout the 58-acre district. CGA dev-
eloped the master wayfinding plan to direct visitors throughout the labyrinthian corridors of the living museum. In addition, CGA designed the Salwa palace-inspired placebranding program for web, print and signage applications. Atturaif, a major preservation project for the Arriyadh Development Authority, is scheduled for completion in late 2014. 
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UTSA gateways and wayfinding system now in place

Gateways and wayfinding signage are now substantially in place and turned on
at the University of Texas at San Antonio, as part of its multi-year master planning effort. Following the implementation of architectural gateways, a comprehensive
sign system now provides improved pedestrian and vehicular navigation. The sys-
tem developed by CGA includes an integrated network of vehicular and pedestrian directionals, orientation stations, sheltered kiosks, banners, parking IDs and building identification signs.

Reaching a population benchmark in 2010 with over 30,000 students, UTSA is one
of the fastest growing universities in Texas. CGA's wayfinding strategy helped est-
ablish UTSA's main and downtown campuses as growing college towns. CGA dev-
eloped the UTSA master plan in collaboration with Barnes Gromatsky Kosarek Architects, David Chou & Associates and The Lighting Practice. Check out the UTSA feature here on Architype, an architecture and design site dedicated to innovative projects for the built environment.

Gateway photo courtesy of Jered E. Widmer, The Lighting Practice
Signage photos courtesy of Steven Stamper, fd2s

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City of Rochester Wayfinding Plan receives top honors
from ASLA

The City of Rochester Pedestrian Wayfinding Plan was awarded the top Honor Award of Excellence by the New York State Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects. Judged by a multi-disciplinary jury, the project was developed in collab-
oration with Bergmann Associates; architects, engineers and planners. With the
goals of increasing tourism and attracting new public and private investment, CGA designed a comprehensive pedestrian wayfinding system for Rochester's thriving
and growing Center City. The study conducted for improved orientation and direct-
ion was inclusive of all major destinations, public venues and attractions. Home to Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, Xerox, RIT and the annual Lilac Festival, CGA's wayfinding system integrated historic markers that highlight Rochester as a dynamic center of commerce and beauty in Western New York.

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NDMU exterior signage gets installed

Elegant wayfinding and gateway signage has been installed at Notre Dame of
Maryland University in North Baltimore. NDMU's new system welcomes and
directs visitors throughout the beautiful 58-acre campus. CGA selected earth
tones to complement the bucolic landscape and brick architecture. Hand-made ornamental forms and cast bronze crests were also integrated to reflect the university's 100 years of history and its new grand entrance, designed by Robert
AM Stern Architects. NDMU is excited to introduce the comprehensive system
and believes it will create a positive first impression for visitors, prospective students, parents and friends.