• segd xplorer digital camp east

SEGD Xplorer Digital Camp East

The integration of digital media into the built environment is an exciting and increasingly important development. SEGD chose Philadelphia for its first Xplorer Digital Camp East, which was an interactive workshop that focused on the latest technologies and strategies involved. CGA’s Ian Goldberg and Linzi Eggers attended and listened to presentations from OpenEye Global, AV&C and host Bluecadet.

Photo courtesy of Justin Molloy

  • segd 2015 x steve tarnoki

University of Chicago Medicine receives "visionary design client" award

Each year the SEGD Insight award goes to a “visionary design client.”
Congratulations to our client Steve Tarnoki of University of Chicago Medicine
for winning this national award. Steve is pictured at the SEGD national
conference, above, with his Vignelli-designed momento. The importance of
great clients cannot be overstated, and Steve has carefully implemented
and monitored CGA’s wayfinding signage for the expanding medical campus.
Thank you Steve for being a great partner!

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Chicago's South Side welcomes a new landmark

With a beautiful new building designed by Rafael Viñoly, and a new brand 
signature, the University of Chicago Medicine tasked CGA with designing skyline signage to identify both the building and campus. The first of these was recently installed. CGA explored options to optimize sight lines, aesthetics and cost,
and the result can be seen for miles.

Photos courtesy of Taylor Jerkell

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Green City, Clean Waters signage takes Philly by storm

Installation of CGA’s interpretive signage for Green City, Clean Waters is in full swing. This Philadelphia Water Department program leads the nation in devising innovative stormwater infrastructure. Venice Island, with a 4-million gallon cistern below a
state-of-the-art recreation and performing arts facility, is one of the most ambitious. Signs for many other sites will follow, including neighborhood schools and the Philadelphia Zoo. Enjoy!

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Celebrating Bujieri, Saudi Arabia

A transformation is underway with the stage one opening of the Bujieri District.
An evening of light and spectacle, attended by members of the Saudi royal
family, celebrated the opening of this mosque and gateway to the larger historic district of Addiriyah. At the center, and soon to open, is Atturaif, the first capital
of Saudi Arabia, founded in 1744 by King Mohammad bin Abdulaziz, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The complex has an information center and is full of exhibition venues, shops, restaurants and other amenities. CGA designed the branding, signage and interpretive system for the complex, city and region.

  • kate bike

CGA designer has high hopes for Philadelphia Bike Share

Designer Kate Otte was recently interviewed by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater
Philadelphia as part of their “Member Drive” week. In her interview, Kate voiced
her opinions about the Philadelphia Bike Share: “I have high hopes for the bike
share. I see two main benefits: more people using bike lanes and proving that we
need more of them, and making people better drivers around cyclists.” Kate is a
member of the coalition and has been biking for about 4 years. Her favorite part
about riding in Philadelphia is that she gets to enjoy the city. Read Kate’s full
interview with BCGP here.

Kate’s passion for cycling has also been useful for her design work at CGA. Kate
was the lead designer for the Northwest Corridor Bicycle/Pedestrian wayfinding
system. The plan will implement a branding, signage and bike shelter system
along the new bike and pedestrian greenway from Denver to Boulder, Colorado.

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Planting smiles for 16 years

Just across the Delaware River lies a special place to explore and discover
the natural world–the Camden Children’s Garden! This summer, the four-acre
waterfront garden will turn sweet 16. The interpretive panels, designed by
CGA, will be replaced, but the original designs are still going strong. The signs,
which have endured both the elements and curious children, have well
exceeded their expected lifespans.

CGA is happy to have contributed to the Garden's mission of inspiring and
educating children of all ages by providing horticultural experiences for
creative and imaginative play. We look forward to helping them succeed for
years to come!

  • cornell

Navigating Big Red

Far above Cayuga’s waters the CGA team is hard at work on a wayfinding
strategy for Cornell University. The 745-acre campus is the largest in the
Ivy League. The very features that make the campus picturesque: gorges,
waterfalls, lake, steep hills and deep snow - make for challenging and
circuitous wayfinding. Four quadrangles, 7 colleges, an expansive arbo-
retum, a busy Veterinary hospital and a complicated parking system add
to the complexity.

As the preliminary wayfinding plan and schematic design concepts are
finished Cornell will be celebrating its sesquicentennial. Happy 150th 
birthday Big Red!

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PWD signs begin fabrication

Fabrication has begun for the first round of interpretive signs for the Philadelphia
Water Department’s “Green City, Clean Waters” program, considered a national
model for enlightened stormwater management. The signs inform the public about
PWD’s innovative program, which uses “green" infrastructure to mimic natural
processes. The interpretive signs explain how rain gardens, porous paving, 
stormwater bumpouts and other tools manage water runoff and create beauty in
neighborhoods, playgrounds and parks.

CGA designer Kate Otte was also the project illustrator. Stormwater tools work
their magic underground — Kate consulted with PWD engineers to understand how.
The resulting diagrams are both accurate and artful. CGA would like to applaud
Kate for her brilliant illustration work and efficient project management!

Visit the “Green City, Clean Waters” website to learn more about the program!

  • bjc

BJC HealthCare selects CGA for long-term
Campus Renewal Project

CGA has begun a major project for St. Louis-based BJC HealthCare, one
of the country’s largest nonprofit healthcare organizations. Over the next 
decade, the Washington University Medical Center campus will be trans-
formed by new construction at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and St. Louis
Children's Hospital, reinforcing their reputation for excellence but adding
to the Center’s wayfinding challenges. 

To develop the proper framework for both branding and wayfinding CGA is
studying the institutional logotypes and modifying them to improve signage
legibility. Because the multiple institutional and place names are a source
of confusion CGA is supervising market research to determine how the
nomenclature and hierarchies are understood by the public.

CGA is designing branded skyline signage for the 2 new inpatient towers;
the team is working with HOK Architects to verify the best letter size, place-
ment and method of attachment. CGA is also studying the use of static vs.
digital skyline signage. Digital LED screens feature the fundamental qualities
of woven metal – durability, aesthetics, transparency and flexibility – but
with unique artistic and communicative capabilities. 

Rendering courtesy of HOK Architects