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NDMU exterior signage gets installed

Elegant wayfinding and gateway signage has been installed at Notre Dame of
Maryland University in North Baltimore. NDMU's new system welcomes and
directs visitors throughout the beautiful 58-acre campus.

CGA selected earth tones to complement the bucolic landscape and brick architecture. Hand-made ornamental forms and cast bronze crests were also integrated to reflect the university's 100 years of history and its new grand
entrance, designed by Robert AM Stern Architects. NDMU is excited to intro-
duce the comprehensive system and believes it will create a positive first
impression for visitors, prospective students, parents and friends.

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CGA concludes corporate environmental branding project

After conducting extensive interviews, analyzing the company's mission, values
and brand, CGA designers developed a master plan for a system of environmental
brand enhancements for the company's campus headquarters and satellite build-
ings. The effort included lobbies, pre-function spaces, hallways, conference rooms,
workspaces, lounges, pantries and copy areas. The team's goal was to welcome
clients, share important values and ideas and tell the company story through the
voices of employees, using a wide range of static and digital media. Several build-
ing renovations are underway, including a streamlined digital information system
that informs and directs staff, visitors and potential investors. 

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UR Memorial Art Gallery signage installed for
centennial anniversary

Wayfinding signage has been installed at the University of Rochester's Memorial
Art Gallery, in honor of its centennial anniversary! CGA designed a comprehensive
sign system
to direct and inform visitors, as well as reinforce its new "MAG" signa-
ture. Donor recognition and identification signage were also developed for the
gallery's newly constructed Centennial Sculpture Park. Memorial Art Gallery, found-
ed in 1913, houses a permanent collection of more than 12,000 objects that covers
about 5,000 years of art history. Today it is considered one of the "best balanced"
art collections in New York state.

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South Side Bethlehem gateway design begins

The City of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has selected the RBA Group, CGA and
Pennoni Associates to undertake the South Bethlehem Eastern Gateway Vision
Plan. CGA is crafting a clearly defined system of sculptural gateway elements
to mark the entrance of South Bethlehem, to be known as the "South Side." The
goal is to capture the history and energy of this community, while welcoming
and directing visitors to the area. Bethlehem, a city of 75,000 hosts over 4 million
visitors every year with destinations such as the ArtsQuest Center at the Steel
Stacks Campus, the Banana Factory, the Arts and Four Blocks International
District, Sands Casino Resort and Lehigh University. 

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HSP celebrates renovations

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania recently celebrated the completion 
of its $5.7 million renovation, showcasing its many amazing treasures! Located 
in the redesigned and refurbished lobby of the HSP building are CGA's newly 
installed digital storytelling walls. With images from HSP's vast collection 
of over 21 million documents, the digital walls serve as a renewable showcase,
visible from the street. Page Talbott, interim president of HSP said, "Now you
walk by [...] and you have something startling to see that hopefully draws you in."

In collaboration with SaylorGregg Architects, CGA helped transform the HSP
building, creating an engaging environment for visitors, members, donors and
historians. CGA design principal Virginia Gehshan and designer Stephen Bashore
attended the HSP grand re-opening to celebrate the renovations. Check out the
Philadelphia Inquirer's feature to learn more about HSP's upcoming exhibitions
and newly refurbished look.

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CGA presents at Infill Philadelphia: Soak it Up! Reception

CGA attended the opening reception for Infill Philadelphia: Soak It Up! at
Philadelphia City Hall, an exhibition informing the public about the benefits
and potential of innovative green stormwater infrastructure tools. CGA designer
Kate Otte showcased the interpretive sign system for the Philadelphia Water Department's 25-year stormwater management plan. CGA's illustrations for the
"Green City, Clean Waters" program feature green tools such as stormwater tree trenches, bumpouts and rain gardens, to be implemented in neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia. The opening reception was held by the Soak it Up! partnership including the Philadelphia Water Department, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Community Design Collaborative. 

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Historic Atturaif reaches 2 million mud bricks

The Atturaif district of Addiriyah, Saudi Arabia has reached 2 million mud bricks! 
In the reconstruction of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, mud bricks are being
used to rebuild the structures authentically. CGA developed a master wayfinding
plan for the 58-acre district to help tourists and visitors navigate the labyrinthian corridors. The historic Atturaif district, expected to become a popular tourism site, includes major destinations such as the palaces of the first Saudi royal family, 9 museums and sprawling souk. CGA also created an extensive placebranding pro-
gram inspired by the Salwa Palace and designed for web, print and signage app-
lication. View this video by the project and construction managers at BuroHappold
to see what is underway at Atturaif, scheduled for completion in late 2014.

Images courtesy of BuroHappold

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Excavation begins at the AVDLM site

Excavation is underway at the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial
site in DC. The first memorial dedicated to over 3 million American veterans
living with permanent disabilities has begun construction. Located at the
north end of the National Mall, the 2-acre site is the vision of Michael Vergason Landscape Architects and is in full view of the United States Capitol. CGA
was honored to design the memorial's interpretive content in close collab-
oration with nationally-known artist Larry Kirkland. Following extensive testing
and review, 48 glass panels will be installed featuring powerful quotations and images of disabled American veterans. President Obama recently praised the upcoming memorial at the 2013 Disabled American Veterans Annual Convention stating, "rather than being defined by what you lost, by what you can't do,
you've inspired America with what you can do." The dedication for the memorial
is anticipated October 2014. 

Photo Courtesy of Disabled Veterans' Life Memorial Foundation, Inc.

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Historical Society of Pennsylvania goes digital!

Digital storytelling walls were recently installed at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania! In collaboration with SaylorGregg Architects, CGA designed an electronic visitor information and donor recognition system for the lobby
of the HSP building. The prominent display includes images from HSP's vast collection of archival, genealogical and historical information. The digital
storytelling walls
were designed to be a renewable showcase, creating a
welcoming environment for members, donors and historians.

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CGA working with RBA, Leni Schwendinger and TLP to enhance Spring Garden overpass

The DRWC has selected the RBA Group, Leni Schwendinger Light Projects Ltd.,
CGA and The Lighting Practice to revitalize Philadelphia's Spring Garden overpass.
Eager to improve the connection between the Northern Liberties, Old City and
Callowhill neighborhoods and the Delaware River, the DRWC has tasked CGA
with designing several environmental enhancements. CGA's goal to is complement
Leni Schwendinger's "tendrilescence" lighting concept. The DRWC hopes this
revitalization will encourage and increase pedestrian and bicycle travel
down to the river.

Sketch courtesy of Leni Schwendinger Light Projects Ltd.