• prototype mockup

The University of Chicago's new wayfinding system
takes shape

CGA designers Virginia Gehshan and Barbara Schwarzenbach traveled to Chicago to oversee the initial prototype installation for the wayfinding signs at The University
of Chicago.

The prototypes, which include both pedestrian and vehicular signs, were temporarily installed to evaluate the designs “in situ.” The first phase of signs is scheduled for installation in fall 2012.

  • 03 chop colket

Testing underway for signage at the Children's Hospital
of Philadelphia

Prior to final design, CGA evaluated different letter heights with their clients at
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for their new Colket Translational
Research Building. CGA’s commitment to field testing ensures that signs are
the proper aesthetic and size.

The Colket Translational Research Building accommodates medical researchers
from many different disciplines in the hope that this cross-pollination of ideas
will result in new advances for patients.