• Univ of penn interior donor design

The University of Pennsylvania donor recognition

A donor recognition wall for the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Arts and Sciences has been installed in Penn’s storied Houston Hall. The elegant donor piece commemorates those who have given $1 million or more to student scholarships.

  • avdlm mock up original

American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial update

Full-size glass mock-ups have been created for the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial. CGA is working with Savoy Studios in Portland, Oregon, to create the layered glass panels that will be used in the monument.

Next, the panels will installed in Washington, D.C., where they will be tested for scale, readability and lighting.

The memorial, which commemorates the 3.1 million Americans disabled in combat, is scheduled to open in late 2013. It is one of only three memorials in the capital dedicated
to the living.

  • 041212 virtua moorestown

Virtua Health awards Moorestown Health and Fitness Center to CGA

CGA has started work with Virtua Health, a leading comprehensive health care system based in New Jersey. The new health and wellness center, located in Moorestown, will boast over 200,000 square feet of space dedicated to providing state-of-the-art medical care.

CGA will be providing wayfinding and signage design services for the campus, which officially opens in fall 2012.

  • gallery midland

Midland, Michigan adds new gateways

This thriving city contacted CGA in late 2011 with a unique request—take the signage
CGA had already designed several years earlier and do some strategic updates, including the addition of a new gateway. The design team at CGA was happy to oblige.

Since CGA designed Midland’s signage in 2007, the City of Midland has seen unprec-
edented industrial growth, necessitating the addition of new destinations on the existing signs. The latest additions will be fabricated and installed by late 2012.

CGA launches "Green City, Clean Waters" program with the Philadelphia Water Department

CGA has been selected as the consultant for the Philadelphia Water Department’s new interpretive master plan. The firm is tasked with researching stories, preparing an interpretive master plan and designing the signage for the City’s “Green City, Clean Waters” program.

This project, which is part of Philadelphia’s 25-year plan to enhance and protect the watersheds that pervade the city, aims to educate the public on the impact water has. 

CGA’s creation of an interpretive master plan for the project is the important first step in this educational process.

Interpretive signage designed by CGA will be visible around the City in late 2012.

  • 02 peco 3

Sneak peek: CGA's latest PECO animations

As part of our ongoing relationship with PECO, Philadelphia’s leading utility company, we have designed a new set of animations for their crown lights. This digital light display, developed by CGA in 2009, sit atop the company’s headquarters in Philadelphia, adding color and movement to the night sky.

The new animations feature the Chinese New Year, Hispanic Heritage Month and September 11th.

  • 020812 healthcare design

Wayfinding: much more than signs

CGA’s belief that good wayfinding requires more than signs is explained in Virginia Gehshan’s article for Healthcare Design magazine “Wayfinding tools that do more and cost less.” The article chronicles the wayfinding program for Geisinger Medical Center, for which CGA designed a “suite” of printed wayfinding tools in addition to a new sign system.  Download Article

Virginia Gehshan hosted webinar on urban wayfinding

Virginia Gehshan has hosted SEGD’s first-ever webinar; Ms. Gehshan repeated the popular seminar she gave in Boston on urban and campus wayfinding.

Virginia Gehshan and Dr. Peter Hecht attend
Kaizen workshop

CGA Principal Virginia Gehshan and wayfinding specialist Dr. Peter Hecht attended a Kaizen workshop for their upcoming project at The University of Chicago Medicine. This field-based experiential method draws upon modern Japanese management techniques 
to yield ideas for continuous improvement in business settings.

With a focus on the overall patient experience, the Kaizen approach dovetails perfectly with CGA’s user-based philosophy. The design team will be implementing the lessons learned in their new exterior sign program they are developing for The University of
Chicago Medicine.

  • vg panelist speaker  urban land institute s technical assistance program

Virginia Gehshan was a panelist and speaker at the Urban Land Institute's Technical Assistance Program

Virginia Gehshan was an invited panelist and speaker at the Urban Land Institute's Technical Assistance Program which focused on a retail study for West Chester, Pennsylvania's Business Improvement District. West Chester is a charming and well-managed "Classic Town" that engaged ULI to help it make smart decisions about its growth and downtown land use. Ms. Gehshan also prepared "Identity, Signage and Wayfinding Recommendations," including observations about gateways, ornamental signs, retail identification and digital tools.